Episode 29 - Dr. Darren Schmidt - The Benefits of Ketosis in our Health

Episode 29

The Benefits of Ketosis in our Health

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In this episode, we interview Dr. Darren Schmidt; he is a chiropractor specialized in nutrition. He is talking about Ketosis and the things that we typically don’t hear about the Keto diet, like how to use it to gain weight instead of losing weight.  


Dr. Schmidt has his own Youtube channel, where he shares his knowledge about nutritional healing and his holistic view of chiropractic medicine.  


When we talk about nutrition, there is a broad spectrum of surveys and statistic studies. Still, very few actual experiments to certify the information we access every day on the media. Today, Dr. Schmidt is going to address this issue and to talk about the evolution of junk science through the last decades.  


Tune in to access this and more valuable information about how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of protein in this new chapter of True Detox.  

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • How Dr. Schmidt got his holistic point of view of health (00:08)
  • The rift on our dietary discussions (04:28)
  • Understanding how keto diet actually works in our bodies (09:10)
  • The way our body burns the food we ate (14:12)  
  • The dangers of never been in ketosis (15:17)
  • The challenges and contraindications of the keto diet for some people (17:16)
  • The recent phenomenon of junk science (20:31)
  • Success stories of the ketogenic diet (22:38)
  • Why the Keto diet is more than just weight loss (25:54)
  • The ideal formula to take in protein to improve your health (27:37)


  • Quotes

If we go back to the 1930's, go back 80-90 plus years, basically everybody got into ketosis whether they knew it or not.

When you start using your mitochondria in ketosis, that means you're using fat for fuel and your body takes those fat cells and converts the fat into three different water-soluble chemicals called ketone bodies. 

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