Episode 25 - Cristy

Episode 25

The Only 3 Things You'll Ever Need To Lose Weight

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In today’s episode, we have a truly exceptional guest with us in the studio, her name is Cristy Nickel, a.k.a. Cristy Code Red.  


She is the founder and CEO of The Code Red Lifestyle, a program she created after exceeding her efforts to lose weight through boxing and cycling.  


Now, with four books written, a company valued at 10 million dollars and filled with this incredible energy, Cristy is here to share her story of how she transformed her regular eating habits into a healthy-sustainable lifestyle.  


One foundational principle we had to establish in this discussion with Cristy was how people lose weight.


We tend to associate weight loss as the result of doing one or two things excessively, whether is work out, dieting, fasting, or whatever new thing comes out on the internet. The reality goes way beyond that and the truth is that you can’t skip the basics. As Cristy describes, a lot of times, people are looking for the “quick fix” or the trick that’s going to expedite the process but they neglect to understand the fundamentals. Without a strong grasp and ability to execute on the most basic weight-loss strategies, you can’t expect to implement any of the advanced tactics with success.  


Our guest today is the living proof that you can’t outwork a bad diet and, after years of exercising constantly she had to give her body a break to start designing a better way to nourish herself and develop the mindset needed to stay healthy. But how did she do it?  


Tune in and find out the process behind the famous Code Red Lifestyle with Cristy Nickel on this new episode of True Detox.  


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Introducing Cristy Red Code Nickel to True Detox (00:10)
  • The story behind The Code Red Lifestyle (04:01)
  • The foods you need to cut out from your diet to start your transition (06:36)
  • Dipping your toes into the Code Red Lifestyle. How does it work? (07:51)
  • How can you turn a 30-day challenge into a longterm lifestyle (10:24)
  • Work the problem and find the solution (16:09)
  • Detoxing your news feed and your surroundings (18:23)
  • How do you start introducing a healthy lifestyle to your children (20:32)
  • Moving in a direction of better choices (23:46)
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