Episode 28 - Dean Mahlstedt - Detoxing Your Home Environment From Mold

Episode 28

Detoxing Your Home Environment From Mold

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In today’s episode, we have an exceptional guest, that serves as both an expert and witness of the impact that toxic environments can have on our health. Dean Mahlstedt is joining the True Detox journey today to talk about how he detoxed his environment from mold and other toxins in his home to improve his family’s health.


Dean owns the Manage Mold restoration company located in Minnesota and has more than twenty years of experience dealing with air pollution issues, including the ones that affected his own family.


Now he uses his knowledge in care and cleaning to help those who need to detoxify their home or workspaces and reverse the effects of living and working on a toxic environment.


Tune in to know all about Dean’s story in this new chapter of the True Detox Podcast

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • A long stormy journey through toxic environments (00:27) 
  • Growing our conscience about the influence of the environment over our health (06:54)
  • 5 home and health essentials you should be checking right now (08:56)
  • The most common air pollution agents in commercial spaces (14:36)
  • An ounce of prevention that could worth a pound of cure (17:54)
  • Fin fix and prevent, the fundamental points to restore the air quality at home (22:17)
  • Quotes

“It's the stuff that is super, super small that we're actually blowing into the air that actually wasn't in the air before and wasn't probably going to be in there as easily. And we actually just made our problem 2 times, 5 times, 10 times worse than what it was before we vacuumed”


“Part of the educational things that we're developing right now, we talk about the find, fix, and prevent. To learn how to find problems and learn. Learn that you should find problems and that you should be maintaining them. Then learn how to do the fixes, the repairs, and how to kind of prepare for how you should reconstruct something if you take it apart."


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