Episode 26 - Dr. Ashley Beckman - Epigenetics: The Blueprint To Optimize Your Genetic Makeup

Episode 26

Epigenetics: The Blueprint To Optimize Your Genetic Makeup

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we are going to talk about epigenetics and how this practice could have a positive impact on our future generations. To explain how that impact can actually occur, help us understand a little bit more about this captivating subject and how we can use it as a roadmap to take control over our health choices, we invited Dr. Ashley Beckman, our leading expert in epigenetics.  


Dr. Ashley’s personal health journey led her to find that she doesn’t have the genetic set up to detox like everybody else, and so she kept searching until she found the answers she needed.  


Now, she is dedicated to empower people with her health choices and to optimize their genetic expression through highly personalized treatments designed specifically for their genetic data.  


Tune in and learn how can you use epigenetics to draw your own personal roadmap to optimize your genetic expression in a new chapter of True Detox.  

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Dr. Ashley Beckman explains epigenetics (00:20)
  • The factors that can impact our genetic code (02:29)
  • Epigenetics as the roadmap to take control of our genetic destiny (04:38)
  • Changing the narrative on our genetic predisposition to empower our health choices (08:15)
  • How the food and health choices we make now have an impact on our future generations (11:14)
  • How are we facing the chemical overload and other toxins from environmental exposure (17:22)
  • The importance of understanding epigenetic (20:13)
  • All the different assets and capacities of epigenetics (22:58)  
  • Quotes

“epigenetics is the study of how different mechanisms such as your diet, lifestyle choices, behaviors, and stress switch your genes on or off. And this can change the health of not only yourself but also actually your future generations. So to me, it's just really fascinating because it really gives you power over your genetic destiny.”


“When you implement those healthy habits in your life and your lifestyle and in your home, people don't even realize that long-lasting effect it has. But it's really crucial because a lot of times these habits are passed down generation by generation. And that's actually more important than the genetic process that's passed down because we basically, you know, we're teaching our kids how to eat and, and make good choices.”


“What I love about epigenetics is it makes everything just so exactly customized to each person.”

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