Episode 10 - Jane Barlow-Christensen - Positive By Design, Part 2

Episode 10

Positive By Design, Part 2

In this episode, Jane Barlow, a master herbalist and creator of Barlow Herbal, keeps teaching us how to develop good habits in our daily lives, she shares the importance of growing a positive perspective and how the little gestures can transform our whole reality.

  • Show Notes

In this episode, the founder of Barlow Herbal explains how in order to make the changes we need in our lives, it is crucial to start detoxing areas like technology, news, environment, relationships, and so much more.

Tune in and take the opportunity to learn how to change your mindset and make the decision to clean up your life to make you feel better with her incredible guidance.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • How does mindset play into people’s health? (07:40)
  • How can you get the right mindset to have a positive push forward? (12:35)
  • The good, the better and the best concept and how to get them in every situation? (10:14)
  • The unexpected positive effect of the little things (16:54)
  • Tools to help you adjust your mindset in order to feel better (19:57) 
  • Behind the purpose of True Detox (23:17)
  • Quotes

“The best thing that you can do is to make your own world and the people that you can affect, the best thing you can do to combat all the stuff that's out there is to do good and to beat” Jane Barlow-Christensen

“Bad things happen and it's our perception of them that makes, that helps us move forward. Your perception changes everything” Jane Barlow-Christensen

"People forget that they're the ones that are in charge of their own destiny. And if they're down, sometimes you just need to get on your shoes and go outside and go for a walk. You know, disconnect from everything in your household and go for a walk" Jane Barlow-Christensen

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