Episode 12 - Debbie Hendrickson - Diet Detox makes Fibromyalgia Disappear

Episode 12

Diet Detox makes Fibromyalgia Disappear

In this episode, we are taking a very personal turn in our journey to know the story of Debbie Hendrickson, one of our long-time friends and supporters who has gone through an amazing detoxing process and it’s here to inspire us all to start a true detox in our lives.

  • Show Notes

Traumatic experiences have a way of teaching us just how important it is to look at the things we have been ignoring for some time to put them in perspective and Debbie Hendrickson, a nutritional health coach and creator of The Heavenly Healthy Gourmet is the living proof of that. 

Tune in and discover all about her amazing story, her transition from sugarholic to healthy eater and how she found a way to help others to find their balance.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • The story of Debbie’s detox and the emotional component of every healing process (02:20)
  • The heavenly healthy gourmet process, a whole mind and body approach to health (10:44)
  • Everything starts at your gut, how to remove, replace, replenish and repair your bowels. (12:39)
  • The tools and hacks to identify and start treating diet issues (16:30)
  • How to make the transition from the traditional American diet to a more natural healthier diet (19:15)
  • The importance of cleansing in nutrition (25:18)
  • Quotes

“There is more to just a pill and I get so frustrated when you go to the doctor and they spend five minutes with you and they give you like a pill or some kind of cure that's not going to cure you” - Debbie Hendrickson

“I think people need to realize that the challenges that we're faced with and those traumatic experience are so powerful to our overall health” - Craig Randall

“You don't have to go overnight and just change everything. I just say, you know, start out by doing healthy breakfast for a while, then go to lunch, then go to dinner and your snacks” - Debbie Hendrickson

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