Episode 11 - Dr. Dan Nuzum - The Game-Changer, Fulvic Acid, Part 2

Episode 11

The Game-Changer, Fulvic Acid, Part 2

In this episode, we’re retaking the conversation with Dr. Dan Nuzum from one of our past episodes to begin one of the most fascinating journeys in nature on a cellular level so, get ready because we’ll be sharing some really great information today.

  • Show Notes

It is a fact that we live in heavily polluted environments and that we consume heavily toxic products that don’t just leave our systems, we have to spend a considerable amount of time and energy to reduce the toxicity levels within our bodies and that’s why detoxing is more and more of a process every day than just a quick step.

How do those toxins get into our bodies, how long do they stay there? and what’s the most effective way to get them out of our systems? These and a lot of other answers will be answered today with the help of Dr. Nuzum

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Managing the toxicity levels within our bodies (02:40)
  • The fundamental role of your colon’s movements to detoxify your whole system  (8:08) 
  • The does and don'ts to put your bowels in motion and support your body drainage (14:41)
  • The marveling origins and components of Fulvic Acid (18:14)
  •  Fulvic Acid: its uses, its properties and its outstanding performance on our system (24:18)    
  • How to set apart a really good Fulvic form a not so good Fulvic Acid (32:19)
  • Quotes

‘If the ingredients are past the numbers of fingers that you have on both hands, there's going to be something toxic in there.” Dr. Nuzum 

“You can only detoxify as fast as your colon movement” Old Pathic proverb 

“Minimizing your contact with toxic materials minimizes the number of your toxins that you accumulate” Dr. Nuzum

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