Episode 22 - Dr. Allan Lindsley - Optimize Your Mitochondrial Function, Optimize Your System

Episode 22

Optimize Your Mitochondrial Function, Optimize Your System

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Did you know that the high levels of toxins in our bloodstream can put our entire cellular function into survivor mode? 


To explain how this happens, today's host Dr. Jay Davidson has invited Dr. Allan Lindsley to the fifth part of his Viruses and Retroviruses Summit. In this episode, we’re going to learn how mitochondrial function impacts our immune system and how that in-turn affects our energy levels throughout the body. 


With over 5.000 cases of Lyme disease treated in his private practice, Dr. Allan has helped his patients to find their path into full recovery, and most importantly, to understand that these viruses influence our cellular energy-making process, crippling the cells from moving the toxins out of the body.  


And without the possibility of getting the toxins out, the body will always pick revival over perfection, shutting down most of the mitochondrial function bringing down our energy levels substantially down.


Meet the doctor who has been working on breakthroughs of Lyme disease, testing the mitochondria levels from a Kinesiology standpoint, lifting the mitochondrial function up with his formulas and teaching whole new generations that there is a better approach to treat these chronic infections without putting our whole immune system at risk.


Click play above to tune in for this amazing lecture and don’t forget to share this valuable content with anyone who may be interested in improving their health in the most effective way.  

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Dr. Allan Lindsley, the best-kept secret in the chronic illness world (01:21)
  • The journey to put down the toxic load and supercharge the mitochondria in the cell (04:59)
  • The problems associated with mitochondrial dysfunction (09:43)
  • How the toxicity levels and chronic infections affect the epigenetic expression (13:22)
  • The lifting of the mitochondrial function as the big breakthrough of recent years (16:18)
  • The increase of the potentially harming agents to the mitochondria through history (18:31)  
  • The groundbreaking progress of the mitochondrial work in kinesiology and other fields (25:50) 
  • Heal the cell to get well (32:10)
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