Episode 23 - Dr. Daniel Nuzum - Can Fulvics Fix Your DNA?

Episode 23

Can Fulvics Fix Your DNA?

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Did you know that retroviruses can embed into your DNA? In the sixth and final part of the Viral and Retroviral Summit, Dr. Jay Davidson interviews Dr. Daniel Nuzum (AKA Dr. Dan) to talk about how these viruses get to inhabit our bodies, colonizing different tissues and become a part of our genome without been detected.

With seven different doctorates and Ph.D.’s, Dr. Nuzum has become a true eminence in the subject of viruses and retroviruses.  

In today’s episode, he’s taken the mission to help us understand how this invasion process takes place in our immune system going completely unnoticed, until it collapses and they surface.  

But what if there is a way in which all this can be reversed in time?

Fortunately, there is lots and lots of research that's been done on Fulvic Acid that turn this molecule into the perfect solution to treat these viruses. It can help in getting rid of the toxins accumulated in our bodies as the product of the waste that the viruses leave in our bloodstream, in addition to heavy metals, herbicides, and other substances that inhibit the normal functioning of our organs.

Although all of this information may sound new to the rest of us, Dr. Nuzum along with other experts in the field have been completely invested in the different investigations for more than two decades, learning about the capacities of Fulvics and Humics, including that these molecules can be programmed to start fixing damages caused by the retroviruses in our DNA.

Tune in and keep learning the outstandingly important information to enhance your detox journey up next.  



  • Key Topics Discussed

  • What are the retroviruses and how do they operate in our bodies? (01:22)
  • What tools can we use to bring down the retroviral load? (04:39)
  • The research related to Fulvic and Humic acid and their healing capacities (07:38)
  • The collapse and rehabilitation of our immune system. The key takeaways of these processes (10:24)
  • Why is Fulvic acid known as the ultimate adaptogen? (14:42)
  • The role of Fulvic acid in nutritional deficiencies (17:50) 
  • The perfect Ph regulator; how Fulvic actually lowes our Ph from the stomach (19:05)
  • The research that backs up the capability of Fulvic acid (24:20)
  • A smart remedy that can get your individual deficiencies taken care of (27:42)
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