Episode 30 - Craig Randall, Ryan Riley - Aligning Your Loyalties With Your Priorities

Episode 30

Aligning Your Loyalties With Your Priorities

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we are sharing our personal stories about detoxing from our past jobs. In previous chapters, you’ve heard a lot of stories from our guests on the show, but this time it’s our turn to talk about what drove us to this particular place and, of course, the choices we made to become your guides on this True Detox journey.


We are talking about loyalties and priorities. 


Is your loyalty to your job holding you back from other opportunities?


Let’s explore the little changes you can start doing today to make a significant impact on your relationships, on your work and life in general. 


Please tune in for this incredibly humbling lesson on finding happiness in your work on this new episode of True Detox.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Looking back at who we are and the things we’ve done (00:01) 
  • On how we are the sum of our experiences (03:03)
  • My life as a teacher: Craig’s background story (04:09)
  • My life as a technologist: Ryan Riley’s backstory (05:49)
  • Don’t put your loyalties above your priorities (09:44)
  • Making an inventory of the things that we can do to become better (14:48)
  • Embracing the concept of making that 1% (17:12)
  • Add ten years into your life by drinking warm liquids (19:08)
  • Be deliberate in the change that you want to make (21:36)
  • The dynamic between Ryan and Craig (23:49)
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