Episode 24 - Ryan Riley and Craig Randall - Kick Your New Year's Resolution Into Priorities

Episode 24

Kick Your New Year's Resolution Into Priorities

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we are bringing down the tradition of making new year’s resolutions.  


Why would we tackle such a long-standing tradition that almost everyone implements in some way? We’re glad you asked.


It’s because they set people up for failure and perpetuate the mentality that we are obligated to change automatically from January 1st, making resolutions a single event. That last part is why the tradition is fundamentally flawed and leaves a huge percentage of the ‘resolutioners’ feeling defeated for yet another year of falling short.


We believe the essence of a true detox journey is so powerful because it means that we are progressively working on producing real change in our lives.


So instead of making one list containing all the goals that we want to achieve this year, we’re teaching you to take a look at your priorities and organize them the way you feel works best for you. This ties in with our four pillars of the true detox roadmap.


To hopefully inspire you to take the initiative and start making an inventory of the things you’ve achieved thus far, we’ll open up and share some of our personal experiences on this topics.


We hope that you start this year by stepping back to reflect on yourself because there is no better investment than the one you do on your own self.


Tune in for this quick lesson and take the challenge of start setting those priorities for the next upcoming year.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Bringing down the tradition of the new year’s resolutions (00:12)
  • A new approach on how are you moving forward this year (02:41)
  • Take a look at what priorities you want in your life (04:05)
  • Start changing your environment and embrace the new differences (04:55)
  • Understanding yourself and investing in your own necessities (06:48)
  • Acknowledge your process and think about your long term goals (08:40)
  • How many mileposts are you going to see on your journey this year (13:42)
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