Episode 27 - Derwin Gray - External Accomplishments Cannot Fix Internal Pain

Episode 27

External Accomplishments Cannot Fix Internal Pain

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Do you ever feel like despite professional and economic success, something is missing in your life?  


In today’s episode, we’re heading into one of the four pillars of the True Detox journey to talk about spirituality and love with our special guest, Doctor, and Pastor Derwin Gray.  


Dr. Gray is a former football player, with a successful career in the NFL and he, as many of us, saw himself locked in a scheme that did not make him happy. In this opportunity, he’s sharing his inspiring journey and how he went from NFL professional player to devoted husband and preacher.  


We’re also talking about how external accomplishments cannot fix internal pain, deepening his 5-years process which includes:


1. Is there someone who will love me despite

2. An identity not based on performance

3. Significance

4. Helping people discover who they’re meant to be


Click play above or tune in on your favorite podcast app if you want to hear about this humbling story and if you don’t already know about the four pillars of the True Detox journey.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • From football star to committed husband and believer (00:09)
  • How the Dr. Gray’s wife reacted to his call to love Jesus (09:48)
  • Learning to embrace the love of Jesus (11:10)
  • How do you start detoxing the spiritual side of your life (12:44)
  • The ideal way to begin your journey to reaching others (17:43)
  • Understanding your spiritual side in the era of Instagram (22:06)
  • The steps and recommendations to get in touch with your spiritually (24:45)
  • Quotes

God is significant in his being and he wants us to be significant, not famous, but significant to be known and to know others.
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