E3 - Where's My Quick Fix? with Dr. Jay & Dr. Todd


A true understanding of what detox means changes the game on how we get well. We evolve from focusing on the physiological aspects of true detox to targeting emotional and other facets. In this episode, we discuss not only what is true detox, but overcoming hesitation, making a conscious decision to get started today, and what that means going forward.

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Episode 19 - Dr. Jay & Dr. Todd - Discover The Link Between Parasites & Viruses
Episode 19
Discover The Link Between Parasites & Viruses

What comes after drawing our roadmap to True Detox? The second part of Dr. Jay
Davidson’s summit has arrived to teach you everything you need to know about parasites and viruses. Are these two types of organisms correlated somehow? Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd will give you the answer to this incredibly important question up next.

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