Episode 31 - Dr. Randy Michaux - Athletic Mindset And How You Focus

Episode 31

Athletic Mindset And How You Focus

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we interview Dr. Randy Michaux, a former chiropractor and nutritional/health coach. He now focuses much of his efforts into the world of cellular health and heavy metal detox and does full-time coaching to help people heal from chronic and debilitating conditions.

Dr. Randy believes and that we each have a God given purpose in this life and that the experiences we go through are meant to mold and shape us into whom God wants us to be.


He loves the outdoors, from rock climbing and hiking, to running and participating in Spartan races. He has competed in 24 spartan races and his favorites are the mountain courses because they push his body, mind and spirit to dig deep and find strength that wasn’t there before.


He joins us to talk about the power of detoxing our minds and will share how despite suffering from different illnesses when he was younger, he built the mindset to work on his health instead of feeding the fear inside him.


He will talk about how facing our fears is the first step to recovery and becoming a better version of ourselves, and share some actionable advice on how we can all achieve just that.


Stay tuned for more on that and so much more.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • What Spartan races are all about and the kind that Randy has participated in (01:00)
  • The health challenges he had to clean up and overcome so he could put himself in a situation where he could do a Spartan race (03:18)
  • Transitioning to where he now runs for 18 miles through a jungle gym (06:52)
  • The difficult journey towards healing his gut (11:13)
  • Mindset as a key component for true detox (14:28)
  • Helping people gain the power back so that they can be able to know that they're in control (17:57)
  • Teaching people how to elevate their perspective so they can see the next phase of their lives (24:19)
  • How to remake ourselves and the value it can add into our lives (29:15)
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