Episode 33 - Misty Williams - Sleep Better and Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

Episode 33

Sleep Better and Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we welcome Misty Williams, the creator of Healing Rosie and a resource for women who want to get to the bottom of their health concerns.


Misty is passionate about helping people stand up for themselves. She is the creator of an online community where women can share their stories and knowledge as they navigate their way to better health.


Misty’s true detox story is quite fascinating. She had a long history of mysterious sleep issues and just when she would solve one sleep mystery, another one would pop up. It turned out, each of them was caused by something different.


Misty became her own health advocate and was able to get to the various root causes and correct them. According to the National Institute of Health, lack of restful sleep causes a long list of issues: obesity, certain cancers, depression and anxiety, lack of focus and energy, higher accident rates, decreased sex drive, and more.  


Without good sleep, our bodies do not get the valuable digest-repair-restore time that they need to heal. Without enough rest, our mental, physical and emotional health are impacted.


Stay tuned as Misty shares her entire health journey and all the valuable discoveries she has made over time regarding sleep.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • How the very toxic world we live in is extra hard on women and Misty’s scariest experience of her life (03:40) 
  • Getting plugged into the right tools and resources and being able to reclaim her quality of life (08:20) 
  • Dealing with six days with no sleep and the trauma from a horrible surgery(12:05) 
  • The huge failure of doctors in doing proper intakes and asking the right questions (19:39) 
  • The importance of learning and figuring things out personally in one’s health (21:45)
  • The tool of sleep and how it has helped Misty on her journey (25:53) 
  • The reason why so many of us are having major chronic issues as we get older (30:23)
  •  Our genetics around sleep that are having an impact on our overall health (33:34)
  • Quotes

“Just because they say doctor doesn't mean that they're gonna be the best person to help you” - Ryan


“They are not going to assume 100% responsibility for your health” - Misty William


 “You can't out supplement crappy sleep” - Misty William

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