Episode 34 - Elle Russ - Confidence to Win in Life

Episode 34

Confidence to Win in Life

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we welcome Elle Russ, the best-selling author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and Confident as F*ck. The idea for Confident as F*ck came from her personal experience in embracing her own success and not letting people or her environment slow her down.


Through coaching and her book, she helps people detox themselves from negative mindsets and learn how to live a happier, more abundant life. She shares that her inspiration for the book came from her peers who were seeking advice in building the kind of confidence and self-esteem she has.


She teaches us that confidence is necessary in every area of our lives, and it’s not some fixed, anchored quality within us. Our individual levels of confidence are always the sum total of our thoughts and the actions we take every day.


An individual’s confidence level reflects a person’s belief in their ability to succeed in life. Elle shares that we need to change our thoughts and actions to be in a position to build confidence and self-esteem. With self-awareness, intention, practice, and perseverance, even a person crippled by fear can be confident in everything they do.  


Tune in for lessons about how to gain a better understanding of yourself and the shortcomings you need to abandon in order to truly have the confidence that we all should have.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Teaching people to be as confident as she is through her book (04:48)
  • We all need confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom and confidence is not arrogance (11:47)
  • We all have to go through a series of stages of cleaning up some things and detoxing (14:43)
  • We all have downer thoughts about other people's lives, and it needs to end (18:44)
  • Choosing your battles wisely and how to deal with downers (25:40)
  • Creative professions get the most downers from the world (32:12)
  • Dealing with the shame of her physical disability, accepting herself and being vulnerable to talk to people about it (36:11)
  • A really interesting health story from an international model (42:45)
  • Competing to win by not competing with others (48:42)
  • It's not about proving them wrong, it's about proving yourself awesome (54:24)


  • Quotes

“People who are confident are the most successful” - Elle Russ


“The most confident people are the quietest people in the room” - Elle Russ


“We've all been a downer and we all know downers” - Elle Russ


“The shame I had about my disability was more disabling than the damn disability itself” - Elle Russ


“Sometimes gifts come wrapped in shit” - Elle Russ

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