Episode 35 - Tracy Southwick - Detox Your Emotions

Episode 35

Detox Your Emotions

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we welcome Tracy Southwick, ND, HHP, a traditional naturopathic expert based out of Houston, Texas. She is the founder of Heights of Health and has been practicing natural medicine for over 20 years.  


Tracy went through her own personal health journey when she was diagnosed with an incurable, life-altering illness about 25 years ago. She was told she would not be able to perform basic daily functions.


She fought for her health and discovered healing through natural therapies. She devoted her life’s work to helping educate others about the beauty of the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given the proper tools.


Through years of research, Tracy came to the understanding that stress (physical, mental and emotional) is the underlying cause of virtually all inflammation, disease and imbalance in the body. She developed techniques focused on addressing underlying stress in the body so that it is able to self-heal as it is meant to do.


Tracy will share her story, talk about how our bodies store emotions from the different traumas we go through and how that impacts our overall health.  


Tune in to learn how to eliminate your emotional blocks and restore hope for a healthy lifestyle.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • The journey from aerospace engineering to traditional naturopathic medicine (01:45)
  • How a change in diet and taking supplements healed her from an incurable disease (04:42)
  • What the concept of an emotional block is all about (06:54)
  • The whole mind-body-spirit aspect of addressing things in order for the body to move to the next level of health (12:41)
  • The power of smell: Why essential oils can be so effective with emotional relief (18:02)
  • Helping people identify and overcome their emotional blocks so they can actually move forward (22:37)
  • How Tracy’s work restores people hope in getting healed (27:14)
  • Quotes

“The body remembers everything.” - Tracy Southwick


“Detoxification organs can become stagnated by certain kinds of trauma” - Tracy Southwick


“Quantity of life is great, but quality of life is better, and when we can put them both together, it's amazing” - Craig Randall


“No matter how different you are or how unique your circumstance is, there's hope, there's health available for you” - Craig Randall


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