Episode 38 - Lisa Fraley - Understanding the Intersection Between Law and Detox

Episode 38

Understanding the Intersection Between Law and Detox

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about legal enlightenment and how you can make the law your friend. Lisa Fraley shares a unique perspective on law and shows us how to view it as a tool for protection. Once you understand the law, you become empowered by it and are ready to protect your work.


Lisa takes us through key legal steps and how they align with the seven chakras. It is an interesting intersection between the law and our energy. Once we understand the law and it empowers us, we are more confident in our undertakings which in turn gives us more energy. Our spirit is lifted and we experience a true detox from fear.


We talk about how legal tools such as a will and insurance can help you relax and live a happy life. Lisa talks about how a will is the best gift you could give your family. It is an act of love and preparation no matter the age you are.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • How  to have a mindset shift and make the law your friend (2:06)
  • Understanding the law enlightens and empowers you making it easier to protect your family and your business (5:02)
  • The connection between the seven legal steps and the seven chakras (7:07)
  • Using the law to be prepared and if you are prepared you will not fear (12.02)
  • Why preparing a will is the best gift you could give your family. (17:43)
  • Having insurance, helps us prepare for any eventuality and mitigate toxic things that may happen in the future (21:00)
  • How legal tools like a will, insurance cover helps avoid stress and negative energy (23:37)
  • Quotes

“I think when you have a mindset shift and realize that the law can be a tool to help, you look at the whole area of law very differently.” Lisa Fraley


“The law can be a part of helping people prepare themselves so they can relax and live a happy, healthy life.” Lisa Fraley


“when you have a will, you basically not only protect your assets by not allowing the government to claim as much through estate taxes, you save more of your belongings and assets for those you love.” Lisa Fraley


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