Episode 39 - Gennette Huber - Self-Healing Amid Life Struggles

Episode 39

Self-Healing Amid Life Struggles

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we are excited to have Gennette Huber, who is a traditional naturopath with a specialized interest in autism. Gennette starts by sharing how she got into naturopathy. She was working to heal her autoimmune disease and was taking care of her son has a diagnosis of autism. It is through this that she got to learn a lot about healthy lifestyle practices. She then decided to grow her knowledge by going to school so she could help other people.


She shares her journey with her son from the diagnosis and all the things the doctors said he wouldn't do to how she implemented changes in their lifestyle through loads of research. She explains why, as a parent, you need to take care of yourself so that you can then take care of your child effectively.


We also talk about her own personal struggles and how she got out of a low period in her life where everything seemed to be falling apart. To help others, we must first take care of ourselves. Tune in to listen to this amazing story.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Building hope amid struggles and a devastating diagnosis that feels like a gut punch (6:24):
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes you need to make to take care of an autistic child (8:32)
  • Taking care of yourself even as you look after a child with autism (12:09)
  • Understanding the concept of self-healing and how to implement it in our lives (16:22)
  • Healing our mental and emotional states to improve our physical health (18:18)
  • Shifting our emotions to a higher vibrational state (19:42)
  • How to come out of a low period in your life where everything seems to be falling apart (21:26)


  • Quotes

"The underlying process here is that we've got to take care of ourselves, we've got to be able to support ourselves so that we can support others." Ryan Riley


"I am not what's happened to me. I am what I choose to become" Gennette Huber.


"You've got to listen to your body. You got to know what's going on. And you've got to be open to understand your own personal needs, as you're working to help those of your children." Ryan Riley


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