Episode 42 - Dr. Allan Lindsley and Jeff Griswold - Detoxing Glyphosate From Our Bodies

Episode 42

Detoxing Glyphosate From Our Bodies

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we continue our conversation about the toxic effects of glyphosate. We focus on the effects of glyphosate on the gut and how we can detoxify our bodies to get rid of this toxin.


Our bodies are not meant to develop chronic illnesses. We're going to talk about how glyphosate blocks the body’s natural ability to repair and detoxify by disrupting enzymatic function and disrupting hormones. This causes collagen destruction in the gut which in turn leads to multiple diseases.


The first step is to recognize where it comes from and how to reduce exposure. Glyphosate is the leading ingredient in most weed killers, this includes products used on a commercial level and those products you pick up at your local store. We look at ways to mitigate and protect yourself from glyphosate.  


Despite all the effects of glyphosate on our bodies, all hope is not lost. You can detoxify your system and avoid the harmful effects.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • How glyphosate affects the gut by blocking enzymes and damaging collagen (03:27)
  • Why the environment is affecting our health (07:07)
  • Overcoming the challenges posed by glyphosate through education (10:29)
  • Knowing where your food comes from and growing your own food (14:42)
  • Why glyphosate is responsible for the increasing cases of allergies, and autism (18:29)
  • Cleaning up our life and detoxifying our bodies and the environment (28:53)
  • Using the right detox product to completely eliminate toxins from your body (31:58)


  • Quotes

“That's a starting point for a lot of people because then you can begin to identify what is where is my food source? What are they doing? Do I know this person? Do I trust this person?” Dr. Alan Lindsley


“To you listeners out there that have any sort of a chronic allergy chronic problem, chronic issue leaky gut, chronic anything our bodies are not designed to have these issues” Craig


“Glyphosate is the number one as far as the ingredient of all the weed killers that we use around the house. So we always pick on the farmers and then Saturday, we run down to the local store and we buy a weed killer and we bring the glyphosate right, right around our loved ones” Jeff


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