Episode 43 - Danielle Brunk - Internal Health Despite External Conditions

Episode 43

Internal Health Despite External Conditions

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In this episode, Nurse Practitioner Danielle Brunk shares her journey with Crohn’s Disease and how she took her diagnosis and turned it into something positive. She teaches others about battling a chronic illness and not to let it define you. Let it give you an improved identity- one that starts with improving your internal and external health.


Danielle first noticed symptoms of Crohn’s Disease coming back from a vacation. She experienced abdominal pain that eventually got so bad she needed to be carried into the emergency room. She was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and was told there wasn't much she could do about it conventionally.


She shares that it was a wake-up call. No longer was she going to simply drift through life as an active participant in a daily routine. She was going to focus on the root cause of her illness and make changes.


This was the start of her coaching business Third River Health. While still practicing conventional medicine she took the opportunity to teach her patients and others about mind, body and emotional healing and counsels people to find the “why” in their illness. Why you should work for better health.


Listen to this week’s episode for more on Third River Health and finding your health identity.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Introduction of our guest, Danielle Brunk 2:13
  • When Danielle first noticed her health start to shift 3:00
  • Her diagnosis process and unfulfilling options from doctors 4:09
  • Diagnosis lead to a turning point in her life 5:23
  • When she decided to stop simply drifting through her life 9:50
  • Why she choose to stay in conventional medicine and how it helps others find their new wellness path - 13:43
  • True health has inner and outer components - 16:17
  • Finding the identity of our diagnosis 22:28
  • Third River Health coaching and how Danielle and her husband Blake coach others 26:38


  • Quotes

“I can choose my internal health despite my external circumstances”- Danielle Brunk

“I want my cure to come in a bottle as opposed to I want my cure to come from my effort.” Craig Randall


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