Episode 45 - Carly Fraser - Health Benefits of Eating Raw

Episode 45

Health Benefits of Eating Raw

  • Show Notes

In this episode, health food enthusiast and Founder of Live, Love, Fruit Carly Fraser joins us to talk about our relationships with food in its most natural state. After years of struggling with her weight and health, she completely changed the way she looked at food and it changed her life.


Carly grew up eating a standard american diet. It wasn't anything extreme, but just like any kid, she enjoyed junk and sugar. Those pleasurable snacks lead to a little less pleasurable outcome. She found her energy level decreasing and endured chronic ear infections.


She made a health food change in her early teenage years. Carly talks about becoming a pescatarian, then vegetarian, then vegan and untimely practicing raw veganism- eliminating animal based foods and only eating food in its raw form. She discusses the health benefits of the diet and the physical results she noticed.


Limiting your diet doesn't mean you have to hate what you eat. Carly explains how she still indulges in comfort foods in raw form. This episode of True Detox is all about rebuilding your relationship with food and creating a healthier you.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Introduction of Guest Carly Fraser (0:19)
  • What inspired her health food journey (1:49)
  • As a kid she decided to turn bad habits around (4:04)
  • Discovered veganism and raw veganism (6:12)
  • Health benefits of eating raw (8:46)
  • How to love food with a limited diet (13:02)
  • What is Inflammaging (15:40)
  • Advice to others about nutrition (16:46)
  • Made the decision to help others with their health journey (19:50
  • Message to younger listeners (24:00)


  • Quotes

“What you're going to find is what you want to find. Keep looking, keep searching and keep doing the research.” - Ryan Riley


“Change is hard and we know that. You almost have to tear down and rebuild.” - Craig Randall


“If you are really in a place where you are not feeling great in your body you are going to want to change. Change is only going to start within the person.” - Cary Fraser


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