Episode 46 - Mackay Rippey - Defense Against Toxic Emotions

Episode 46

Defense Against Toxic Emotions

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we welcome back Acupuncturist Mackay Rippey. Mackay talks about the balance of expressing emotions, letting them go and finding peace as they fade.


Emotions themselves are not toxic. The toxicity comes from a person holding onto their emotions or finding a negative outlet for expressing what they feel. The relevance of toxicity in our emotions and the effect it has on us can be seen now more than ever. The uncertainty of coronavirus halts our ability to feel stress or anxiety as a fleeting emotion. Our natural instinct is to defend ourselves from the unknown. This build up of anxiety is a result of our defense mechanisms and becomes toxic.


Mackay shares how we can feel our emotions without lingering on the feeling. Emotions are meant to pass through us and to be embraced only for a period of time. He talks about removing ourselves from a toxic environment or toxic people as a healing method. If we can learn to express, let go and move forward, we can eliminate our toxic emotions.


Listen for more on the foundation of our emotions on this week’s episode of True Detox.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Introduction of our guest, Mackay Rippey 0:22
  • Toxic emotions 0:44
  • Stressful emotions stemming from the uncertainty from coronavirus 1:50
  • Defense against the unknown 2:51
  • Monsters we fear 4:41
  • Defining toxic emotions 5:38
  • Five foundations of emotions 6:35
  • Emotions on their own are not toxic 9:25
  • Toxic person 10:55
  • Responsibility to take control of our own experiences 12:39
  • Conditioned to deal with irrational behavior 16:20
  • Strategies to help people deal with loved ones who are will and dealing with emotions 23:15


  • Quotes

“Knowledge is power. And this is why we have the opportunity to overcome some of these fears and some of these challenges by just getting informed,” Craig Randall


“You can be really really sick and go have a laugh. You can be full of joy and get, you know, instantly pissed off the next second, these emotions will change quickly,” Mackay Rippey


“You can't go around emotions, right? You can't resist them. You can't fake it till you make it. You just have to go through it,” Mackay Rippey


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