Episode 47 - Cari Nadeau - Emotional Therapy for Chronic Illness

Episode 47

Emotional Therapy for Chronic Illness

  • Show Notes

In this episode, our guest Cari Nadeau, an Energy Therapy Practitioner, shares her personal recovery experience with chronic illness and how it led her to help others who feel stuck in chronic illness. She shares that facing her past traumas and emotions was the root of her recovery.


Cari teaches us that there is emotional meaning behind the physical illness we feel. She joins us to be a beacon of hope and a resource for those who feel isolated or lost due to their chronic illness. She encourages us to explore other methods of healing aside from allopathic medicine because there is a healing power in addressing your energy, past traumas and emotional stress.


She talks about the importance of not doing it alone. There is power in numbers and there is strength in support groups. Finding someone you can trust to help you address your emotions and release baggage.


More than advice for those living with chronic illness, Cari gives us some tips on being a personal support system and shares important behavioral changes to look for in an individual who may be suffering from chronic illness.  


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Co-host David McMenomey fills in for Ryan 0:17
  • Introduction of our guest, Cari Nadeau 0:51
  • Cari’s mission to help heal people with chronic illness 3:20
  • Allopathic treatment vs holistic treatment 6:11
  • Advice for seeking different treatments 10:18
  • Examples of trauma we hold onto 13:31
  • The power of forgiveness and how it can be a healing power 15:55
  • Accepting where you are 17:09
  • Why you should not and do not need to fight your illness alone 18:14
  • Behavioral changes to look for in an individual who may be suffering from chronic illness 21:13
  • Advice for those seeking healing 27:20


  • Quotes

“If you do this work, if you go there, you will not have to go there again,”- Craig  


“You really need to forgive and say yes I am here and it’s not my fault,” Cari


“Find your tribe of people who can support you and you can support however that looks,” Cari


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