Episode 48 - Sheri Rose Shepherd - Facing and Releasing Toxic Emotions

Episode 48

Facing and Releasing Toxic Emotions

  • Show Notes

In this episode, our guest and award-winning author Sheri Rose Shepherd teaches us not to let other people’s opinions or words define you. She tells us that letting go of your past helps you discover your identity.


Sherri, a former Miss America, wasn’t always confident in her appearance. She was made fun of growing up and dealt with body image judgment as well. She had enough and knew she was stronger than the words said to her or the emotions they caused. She began to change her life and work on improving her health and her confidence.


Along her journey, she was diagnosed with cancer. She was told she would have eight weeks to live and chose to forgo chemotherapy. Instead, she worked on releasing toxins and blockages in her body. She is a five-year cancer survivor.


This process of facing a crisis, physical and emotional, and releasing it is what she focuses on in this episode. She shares how she found her strength in her faith.


  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Introduction of our guest, Sheri Rose Shepherd (0:27)
  • Personal growth journey (2:30)
  • Her cancer diagnosis (2:44)
  • Caring for your self in a crisis (5:27)
  • Choosing the true detox route to heal physical and emotional crisis (8:20)
  • Facing emotions and struggles (9:16)
  • Facing and releasing emotional toxins (10:14)
  • Renewing your thoughts and rising above (15:12)
  • You are not alone (17:40)
  • Reasons behind her love letters (22:29)
  • Quotes

“Get on top of it like an eagle instead of being on the ground like a snake.” - Sherri


“True detox is who I am. I am really going through my own personal true detox and teaching people how to go through a true detox.” - Sherri


Rebuilding your life is the next right thing.” - Sherri

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