Episode 49 -  Dr. Kayte Susse - Detoxing After Breast Implant Removal

Episode 49

Detoxing After Breast Implant Removal

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Welcome to another episode of True Detox Podcast. In this episode, we are excited to have Dr. Kayte Susse share her experience with breast implants and the detoxification process she went through after her breast implants were removed. Dr. Kayte is a functional health expert who works closely with patients to optimize their health. She specializes in supporting hormonal imbalance, nutrition, and epigenetics. Dr. Kayte Susse grew up as one of the only female wrestlers in her high school. Her wrestling background gave her a tremendous advantage in dealing with her own breast implant illness experience. She was able to identify the abnormal pain she felt even when doctors tried to rule out the obvious pain she was dealing with. She decided to enroll in medical school to find the source of her illness. Eventually, Dr. Kayte Susse realized she was dealing with an autoimmune reaction to her breast implants, and her body was suffering from toxicity. She is now an advocate for others dealing with breast implant illness and strives to bring awareness to this genuine issue. Stay tuned to listen to her story of determination and resilience in the face of constant uncertainty.
  • Key Topics Discussed


  • How her experience with wrestling helped Dr. Kayte identify that the pain she was feeling was abnormal (1:47)
  • Nine months after getting breast implants she started having severe symptoms that couldn’t be ignored (4:35)
  • Starting Chiropractic schooling to help her examine her misdiagnoses (6:40)
  • Learning what was actually wrong at an immunology conference (10:45)
  • Why breast implants can expedite illnesses you may be genetically predisposed to (13:51)
  • There are dozens of ways that breast implants can make people sick (19:20)
  • Dr. Kayte’s advice for those considering explant surgery (22:23)
  • Quotes

“Sometimes in a diagnosis there’s a misdiagnosis” - Ryan Riley


 “It’s important to understand that all of these factors that are in our environment each hit us in an individual way.” - Ryan Riley 


“Turn to other women who have gone through the same thing. They are your support network.” - Dr. Katye Susse

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