Episode 50 - The Waypoint: Introducing Our New Life And Health Coaching Programs

Episode 50

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In this episode, we announce some exciting projects that we’re launching. We’ve listened to our community and have come up with new opportunities and services to better help your health journey. True Detox is part of the Microbes Formula family. Our goal is to increase our reach and the ways we are helping our community. We’ve been working with some amazing practitioners and will continue to do so but we’ve also seen that there is more work to be done.


With that said, we’re in the midst of creating a coaching program from Microbe Formulas that will assist you on your personal journeys. The first one is a health coaching program that's going to be led by Dr. Jess. She is an amazing MD that is joining the family to help us build a health coaching program that works for you in a way that is absolutely unbelievable. Its focus is to help you through the challenges and struggles and changes that occur as you detox.


Next is our life coaching program that is led by Sarah Fisk. Sometimes we get in our own way when we’re in the process of detoxing with Sarah’s help our aim is to keep you clear on your goals and overcome some of the challenges you may be facing. And finally, our third program is a personal coach. We are working on a new program that anybody out there can become a true detox coach. Your role is a cheerleader, a guide, and an advocate because there are people out there that just need to know that there's somebody there for them as a guide.


We’re so excited to bring forth these new programs and are eager to watch the wonderful and positive changes it will bring to our community. Stay tuned!

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Reaching a waypoint in our podcast (1:30)
  • Introduction to our new coaching program (2:10)
  • Learning how to overcome some of the mental challenges we face on our health journey (4:18)
  • The new tools and resources we’ll be offering (6:30) 
  • Our goal is to be able to help support everyone (8:45)
  • How to determine a movement (11:18)
  • Quotes

As we lift the fog a little bit, we see that there are a lot more boats in the harbor than we thought.-Craig Randall


As the tide rises, we all rise together- Ryan Riley


 I've realized that the reason I get in my own way is that I don't know everything, and I don't know where to go.- Craig Randall

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