Episode 51 -  Sara Bybee Fisk - Introducing Our New Life Coaching Program With Sara Bybee Fisk

Episode 51

Introducing Our New Life Coaching Program With Sara Bybee Fisk

  • Show Notes

In this episode, we’re introducing our newest member to the True Detox team, Sara Bybee Fisk. She is joining us as a life coach and is sure to make some rewarding changes to our community. We are so excited to have her!


Sara specializes in weight loss and relationships and focuses on helping her clients restore their health and vitality. She is such a welcome addition to the team, and we believe her mission works synergistically with our own. 


Her approach to coaching is to empower each client with as much knowledge and agency as possible. There are many elements of our lives that we tend to give up control in and instead assume those elements are unchangeable. For instance, Sara often focuses on the stories we tell ourselves as a starting point for her work with clients. 


We believe that every successful journey has a good guide and we are so excited to have Sara join us on this journey. If you’re interested in finding out more about our new coaching program, be sure to head over to our website.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • How we got Sara on board (2:00)
  • What Sara is creating through the life coaching program (7:20)
  • The first goal for life coaching (9:00)
  • How Sara approaches each client (12:20) 
  • Helping others get to a place of clarity (13:30)
  • Feeling our feelings is a superpower (16:50)
  • Quotes

True Detox is a journey, not an event.  - Ryan Riley


There are facts in your life and then there are the thoughts about those facts. - Sara Bybee Fisk 


I come to the session with the belief that the person I am listening to is 100% powerful and capable and wise. - Sara Bybee Fisk 


The price of our dreams is discomfort- Sara Bybee Fisk

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