Episode 52 - Dr. Jess Peatross - Discussing Benefits of Health Coaching and Holistic Healing with Dr. Jess Peatross

Episode 52

Discussing Benefits of Health Coaching and Holistic Healing with Dr. Jess Peatross

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In this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Jess Peatross about her experience as a health coach. Dr. Jess explains how she overcame her own personal challenges and how she went from being an MD to becoming a health coach. She is our great friend, and we were thrilled to have her!


Dr. Jess became a health coach when she realized the system was failing people. She understood that people needed someone to listen to them and validate their concerns, instead of prescribing them a ton of drugs. Health coaching is her way of making people feel understood and safe.


For Dr. Jess, having an open mind is crucial in connecting with her patients. She takes the time to get the full picture of their mental and physical state. Often, having someone to listen to you is already a right step in the healing process.


Dr. Jess believes that health coaching is a proactive way to take care of yourself. We believe that everyone could benefit from it! If you’re interested in finding out more about our new coaching program, be sure to head over to our website.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Who can benefit from health coaching (01:55)
  • Listening as a way to validate people’s concerns (06:43)
  • The underlying causes behind the most common issues (09:52)
  • Get the help you deserve, no one should just power-through (12:20)
  • Treating the cause, not just the symptoms (14:50)
  • Health coaching and healing is about proactive change (22:11)
  • Preventative medicine is always a better choice (23:31)
  • Quotes

If you have an open mind, everyone becomes your teacher. - Dr. Jess Peatross


My patients and my clients have been my best teachers. - Dr. Jess Peatross


Who needs health coaching? Everybody. - Ryan Riley

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