Episode 53 - Sara Bybee Fisk - Using Acceptance As A Superpower With Sara Fisk

Episode 53

Using Acceptance As A Superpower With Sara Fisk

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Welcome back to True Detox! In this episode, we’re talking with Sara Fisk about her experiences in life-coaching as she got to know our community and meet some True Detox heroes. 


Sara Fisk recently joined our team as a life coach and we’re so happy to have her! If you haven’t already, go listen to the episode in which she introduces herself and her mission. 


Today we are talking about what it means to accept your situation. Acceptance gives you the power to integrate both painful and happy feelings and grow from every situation. 


Sara explains that when we resist emotions, they become a strain on our physical health. A lot of times, dealing with our stuffed emotions means improving your physical symptoms as you go through your detox journey. 


Join us today to learn how to change your personal narrative and reframe your detox experience as positive growth! Sara shares some incredible resources and advice, and if you’re interested in finding out more about our new coaching program, be sure to head over to our website.

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Acceptance vs. resistance and how to stop being at war with yourself (01:55)
  • You can accept things but still recognize the need to change them (04:54)
  • We can’t control our circumstances, but we can control our reactions (07:35)
  • When we don’t process our emotions, they manifest as physical symptoms (11:00)
  • Acceptance means trusting yourself and big changes in your life (18:50)
  • The power of personal narrative to go from surviving to acceptance to thriving (23:58)
  • Quotes

The resistance you are putting up is actually slowing down your progress. - Sara Fisk


Clearing the emotional load clears the path for healing. - Sara Fisk


The reason why detox is hard is that change is hard. - Ryan Riley


The most important study that you'll ever do is studying yourself. - Craig Randall

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