Episode 54 - Sara Bybee Fisk - Going Through A Live Coaching Session With Sara Fisk

Episode 54

Going Through A Live Coaching Session With Sara Fisk

  • Show Notes

Welcome back, everyone! In this episode, we wanted you to experience what an actual life coaching session looks like. Sara Fisk is back, and she and Craig will touch on some experiences and discuss the thought process and feelings behind them.


Sara is our resident life coach, and she’s already made an incredible impact on our community. We discussed some aspects of life coaching with her in previous episodes, but today, we want you to get a sense of how life coaching actually works. 


Craig was brave and he shared some of his frustrating experiences with Sara. In this episode, you will see how Sara’s questions and insight help Craig understand his situation better.


Life coaching is one of the best tools we have on our path to true detox. Talking with someone who’s objective and compassionate can shed new light on old habits and feelings. 


We gain a better understanding of what’s going on, and we learn to accept our reality. Life coaching is all about changing your point of view so that you can be beneficial to yourself and others, in any situation. 


If you’re interested to find out how life coaching could benefit your journey, be sure to head to check out our health and life coaching programs!

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Life coaching starts with showing up and being open and honest (02:29)
  • Craig shares an example of a frustrating situation and his response to it (05:06)
  • Understanding how your arguments with reality disconnect you from the present (08:29)
  • How self-criticism and judgment can amplify a negative experience (15:04)
  • Using compassion and acceptance of your reality to become more mindful and present (19:55)
  • Accepting yourself without judgment doesn’t negate your willingness and openness to change (23:44)
  • Recapitulating the session and the positive impact of life coaching (32:41)
  • Quotes

Layers of criticism, judgment, and comparison increase the negative experience that we end up having. - Sara Fisk


A positive outcome doesn't always mean that everything is perfect and happy. - Sara Fisk


There's such a great benefit to be able to have a different vantage point. - Craig Randall

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