Episode 55 - Julia Loggins - Dare to Detoxify

Episode 55

Dare to Detoxify

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Welcome back to True Detox! Today we are talking to a natural healing pioneer, Julia Loggins. She is a survivor, an educator, and an author with two bestselling books under her belt. Julia overcame various diseases and infertility, and in this episode, we will talk about her healing process. 


When Julia was born, she had life-threatening health issues, her organs were giving up. She pulled through because even in the 60s, there were forward-thinking doctors who convinced her parents to stop her drug treatments and try a detoxification diet. 


Julia was also told she would never have children, but she wasn’t the one to give up on her dreams. A survivor, Julia dedicated her life to studying natural and holistic healing approaches. Today, she has two happy and healthy children.


We were incredibly impressed with her story! Her book Dare to Detoxify is a powerful tool for anyone looking to purge both emotional and physical negativity. 


In this episode, we talk with Julia about her background, her practice, her books, and her approach to healing. Be sure to tune in and hear all about it!

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • Fighting for your life—the beginning of Julia’s health journey (00:58)
  • Coming to terms with the infertility prognosis and finding your own way forward (04:36)
  • What is the passion and drive behind Julia’s mission to heal people (08:09)
  • How did Julia work on her books Dare to Detoxify and It Takes Guts to Be Happy (12:15)
  • Why is it so important to take care of yourself before you start with anyone else (16:53)
  • The connection between family patterns and your health and wellness (19:00)
  • How stress, anxiety, and depression work their way into your physical health (25:51)
  • Quotes

My whole goal in life is to ignite that healing force inside each and every person. - Julia Loggins


I have such absolute faith in the body's ability to heal. - Julia Loggins


When we're doing what we're supposed to do, then we are partnered with a much greater entity in spirit than we are. - Julia Loggins


To me, willpower has nothing to do with self-care. It's all about self-love and self-acceptance. - Julia Loggins

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