Episode 7 - Holly Bertone - Fortitude by Forty

Episode 7

Fortitude by Forty

Do you compare yourself to others in your same situation, wondering why they are progressing faster than you? We throw it back a bit and introduce you to one of our favorite people, Holly Bertone. She discusses the gut punch that led to her identifying her “Mama Fortitude” and strategies to help you locate the strength to “find your fortitude every day.”

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Episode 19 - Dr. Jay & Dr. Todd - Discover The Link Between Parasites & Viruses
Episode 19
Discover The Link Between Parasites & Viruses

What comes after drawing our roadmap to True Detox? The second part of Dr. Jay
Davidson’s summit has arrived to teach you everything you need to know about parasites and viruses. Are these two types of organisms correlated somehow? Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd will give you the answer to this incredibly important question up next.

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