Episode 17 - Tim Griswold - The Science Sessions: The Nobel Prize - Oxygen Connection

Episode 17

The Science Sessions: The Nobel Prize

Have you ever stop to think for a second how many processes in your body depend exclusively on the existence of oxygen? Get ready to discover one of the biggest accomplishments on cellular medicine to the date in this new episode of True Detox.

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Have you ever stop to think for a second how many processes in your body depend exclusively on the existence of oxygen? This new episode of True Detox is dedicated to understanding the importance of oxygen in the development and optimization of our cellular activity. 

To join us in our True Detox journey and give us all the insights on the research performed by William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliff, and Gregg Samenze on how cells adapt to the availability of oxygen, we’ll have our resident scientist Tim Griswold, who will be explaining all the key elements and mechanism involved of this outstanding work that won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine of 2019
Tune in to listen to the first part of this new segment of True Detox and get ready to enhance your True Detox Journey

  • Key Topics Discussed

  • The discovery of how cells can sense and adapt to changing oxygen availability (03:56)
  • A turning point in the investigation of Kaelin, Samenze and Ratcliff (05:13)
  • The participation of oxygen in the generation of energy in the cells (07:48)
  • The importance of the studies on cellular activity and the role of oxygen in the true detox context (15:09)
  • How cancer disrupts the oxygen supply of the cells (16:31)
  • Transforming our whole approach on oxygen and the importance of optimizing our environment to preserve it (19:44)
  • Quotes

“If you look at how our planet is set up, right? We've got air that's 20% oxygen and then we've got water, which is mostly oxygen. I don't think it was just happenstance that the environment which we live in is what we need to survive.” - Ryan Riley & Craig Randall

“I love the concept that we need to always continue to focus on understanding the science, understanding the surroundings, understanding where we are in this great big, huge world and how it applies.” - Ryan Riley & Craig Randall

“I've had thousands and thousands, thousands of failures, so I can either, um, continue trying what I'm trying, I can let somebody else try or I can try a new approach. And so that new approach was actually what, what essentially helped him to isolate this gene.” - Tim Griswold

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