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Episode 12 - Debbie Hendrickson - Diet Detox makes Fibromyalgia Disappear
Episode 12
Diet Detox makes Fibromyalgia Disappear

In this episode, we are taking a very personal turn in our journey to know the story of Debbie Hendrickson, one of our long-time friends and supporters who has gone through an amazing detoxing process and it’s here to inspire us all to start a true detox in our lives.

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Episode 11 - Dr. Dan Nuzum - The Game-Changer, Fulvic Acid, Part 2
Episode 11
The Game-Changer, Fulvic Acid, Part 2

In this episode, we’re retaking the conversation with Dr. Dan Nuzum from one of our past episodes to begin one of the most fascinating journeys in nature on a cellular level so, get ready because we’ll be sharing some really great information today.

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    Episode 10 - Jane Barlow-Christensen - Positive By Design, Part 2
    Episode 10
    Positive By Design, Part 2

    In this episode, Jane Barlow, a master herbalist and creator of Barlow Herbal, keeps teaching us how to develop good habits in our daily lives, she shares the importance of growing a positive perspective and how the little gestures can transform our whole reality.

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      Episode 9 - Jane Barlow-Christensen - Simplify Your Inputs, Part 1
      Episode 9
      Simplify Your Inputs, Part 1

      In this episode, we have a chat with Jane Barlow Christensen, a master Herbalist and co-founder of Barlow Herbal. Jane learned about the power of herbal medicine from her father when she was a child and she loves everything natural, holistic, wellness, fitness, and nutrition-oriented.
      Tune in as she outlines the basic strategies to simplify our lives, our nutrition, our technology, and our outlook, while she advises us on where we ought to start from towards being healthier.

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      Episode 8 - Karen Martel - Finding Your Personal Code, Part 2
      Episode 8
      Finding Your Personal Code, Part 2

      Karen Martel joins us for the second of two conversations, discussing pillars of health, finding your own personal weight loss code, and understanding the need to approach your efforts with flexibility. You’re going to love “Finding Your Personal Code” as a follow up to “Transforming Trauma to Triumph.”

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      Episode 7 - Holly Bertone - Fortitude by Forty
      Episode 7
      Fortitude by Forty

      Do you compare yourself to others in your same situation, wondering why they are progressing faster than you? We throw it back a bit and introduce you to one of our favorite people, Holly Bertone. She discusses the gut punch that led to her identifying her “Mama Fortitude” and strategies to help you locate the strength to “find your fortitude every day.”

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      Episode 6 - Dr. Dan Nuzum - Are Your Surroundings Toxic?
      Episode 6
      Are Your Surroundings Toxic?

      What are the toxic challenges we’re facing today? What is the cumulative effect of our toxic environment? Our bodies are designed to detoxify the air, food, and water we take in if those things are not "terribly toxic." In this first of two parts, Dr. Dan Nuzum sets the stage outlining the current environment and the need for a concerted, personal detoxification strategy.

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